About UCC

UCC Cleaning and Support Services are a professional, close-working team of non-agency employees who are passionate about providing an unrivalled service in cleansing excellence that is unbeatable not only in terms of quality and attention to detail, but in terms of value for money.


Not many cleaning companies can so effectively combine the qualities of a bespoke service and work nationwide with such a variety of clients. But it is the combination of a high quality customer service, ethical approach and transparent pricing that builds the long-standing relationships that UCC Cleaning and Support Services create.

The team are dedicated and committed to continuous improvement, keeping ahead at all times with not only industry standards, but their own professional development. Whether health and safety, cleaner accreditation, auditability, or all of these things are the priority, you can be assured that your cleaning and sanitisation requirements could not possibly be in safer hands.  

We have always found UCC to be extremely thorough in all aspects of their work.

M P Dunbar, MD Construction